Aldi ditches plastic packaging to join the fight for sustainable shopping
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Aldi ditches plastic packaging to join the fight for more sustainable shopping

By GlobalData Consumer 23 Oct 2020 (Last Updated October 23rd, 2020 09:33)

Aldi ditches plastic packaging to join the fight for more sustainable shopping
Aldi is committed to reducing plastic waste. Credit: Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock.

Aldi announces that all plastic packaging on fruit and veg will be replaced with reusable bags across all 900 UK stores by the end of the year. The supermarket joins the fight for sustainability with its initiative to remove all single-use plastic, appealing to increasingly environmentally conscious consumers.

The supermarket’s response to improving sustainability measures in-store leads the way for other major retailers to follow suit and reduce plastic packaging on loose fruit and veg. The new in-store feature raises consumer awareness by bringing attention to the ever-increasing need for sustainable shopping habits. Providing reusable bags made from recycled bottles also enhances the consumers’ experience by making it easier for shoppers to reduce the amount of plastic they buy. According to GlobalData’s 2019 consumer survey, sustainable packaging made from renewable sources is important to 71% of global consumers, whilst refillable / reusable packaging is important to 72% and plastic-free packaging to 67%.

Following a global pandemic, both health and environmental consciousness are on the rise as consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of their consumption habits on their health and the planet. With 30% of the global population buying more fresh fruit and vegetables than before Covid-19, promoting sustainable measures targeted at fruit and veg is a great way to encourage plastic-free purchases. Moreover, 48% of global consumers think plastic-free packaging is more important now than before Covid-19.

Plastics and Packaging Director at Aldi UK & Ireland, Chris McKenry, commented: “Aldi is committed to reducing plastic waste, and evolving our approach to the sale and distribution of our bags is a critical part of that.”

“We’ve already made good headway with removing and replacing avoidable plastics across our product range, but now it is time to step things up when it comes to bags and providing our customers with sustainable alternatives.”

The launch of reusable bags forms part of Aldi’s commitment to sustainability to halve its usage of plastic packaging by 2025. The targets involve all of its own label and branded products being 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable. The supermarket’s new initiative encourages a collaborative effort from retailers and consumers to move towards a plastic-free life and help save the environment together.

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