Consumers are fairly ambivalent about the introduction of ChatGPT to retailer customer service bots, but that is down to their underestimation of how much of an improvement they will add to their interactions.

While survey respondents said they were more likely to use a chatbot if it was enhanced with the language capabilities of ChatGPT, the difference is marginal, with those more likely to use one increasing to just 46% from 43%.

How likely are you to use a retailer’s chatbot to find an answer about a product or order? And how likely would you be to use one if it is:

The reason for this perhaps stems from the poor experiences customers have had with chatbots so far. Almost half of our survey respondents said they gave ‘useless responses’. The use of generative AI should, however, revolutionise the quality of chatbot responses such is ChatGPT’s ability to communicate in natural language if the bots are given the right inputs and consumers are educated on how best to prompt them.

What is your current opinion of customer service chatbots on retailer websites?

Retailers will also need to carefully consider what decision-making authority they can allow such bots – if they are only able to direct them more skilfully to a prepared answer from an internal FAQ, then customers will continue to be frustrated. Retailers will also need to communicate upgrades in such a way as to entice a sceptical audience to give them another try.