Consumers are planning to buy fewer homewares in 2020 but, when they do buy, they are more likely to choose retailers with clear sustainable policies, according to GlobalData’s latest shopper survey.

Consumer agreement to statements around purchasing intentions for homewares in 2020, among those who plan to buy fewer homewares in the year ahead. Credit: GlobalData.

Although the key driver cited by consumers wishing to lower their spend on homewares was to save money (two-thirds of shoppers), many also aim to reduce their environmental footprint (18.8%). The latter has meant that, when they do buy, the majority intend to purchase items made from sustainable materials (72.9%) and over half will favour retailers with clear sustainable policies (53.2%).

Homewares retailers should focus on remaining top of mind for eco-conscious shoppers, by expanding their range of sustainable products and promoting their sustainability policies, as these are becoming more important differentiators and drivers of retailer choice.

Some retailers, such as IKEA and John Lewis, already offer sustainable ranges and have robust sustainability policies in place. But, they could do more to boost awareness of their environmentally friendly initiatives, for example through social media, if they wish to become the clear choice for eco-conscious shoppers.

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