Matcha is a type of green tea praised for its health benefits and which has the potential to become the next big health drink.

Matcha tea drinks

As matcha grows in popularity across the Western world on the back of health-conscious consumers, the demand for flavoured matcha tea drinks is expected to grow exponentially.

Matcha tea is a Japanese traditional beverage made from powdered green tea leaves that are combined with hot water to produce what is thought to be a calming, strong antioxidant drink which burns fat, boosts energy and helps with concentration.

With the numbers of health-conscious consumers growing globally, matcha drink producers hope matcha can become an alternative to the standard tea and coffee possibilities. Yet, despite its health benefits, matcha tea has had limited success in Western countries beyond the herbal/health drink market.

Like all green tea, matcha has slight grass notes, but with a much richer, almost buttery flavour. But pure matcha is not the only flavour available and sweet or spice infused varieties are now common in speciality tea shops.

Flavour combinations include ice cream matcha, cocoa matcha or gingernut matcha – and will appeal to consumers looking for an extra sensory treat.

It is believed a wider range of flavours will help matcha tea appeal to a larger consumer audience.

In fact, the US drinks market has already seen the first line of carbonated matcha teas flavoured with fruits – called SoMatchaah, released by Matchaah – available in lime mint, mango, raspberry and pineapple coconut.

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