Danish toy manufacturer Lego recently released its most sustainable set yet, with almost 200 individual plant-based pieces. News articles covering the launch discussed millennial parents increased interest in sustainability, when it comes to children’s products, and GlobalData’s 2018 Q3 data confirms this.

In lieu of Lego’s recent treehouse set, which contains almost 200 sugar-cane-derived botanical pieces, NBC News reported: “As millennial parents demand sustainable toys, Lego is perfecting plant-based bricks.” This is part of its initiative to switch to more sustainable materials by 2030, which may be driven by millennial parents seeking out environmentally-friendly toys.

GlobalData’s 2018 Q3 survey reveals that more than a third of European millennial parents are always influenced by how environmentally-friendly, socially-responsible or ethical a product is when shopping for products for their children. This figure is the highest among European consumers with children,* demonstrating the notable demand for sustainable toys among millennials.