Oatly, the Swedish plant-milk company, has launched a vegan ice ‘cream’ offering in the UK. 

The treats are available in Tesco in three flavours: chocolate fudge, hazelnut swirl and salted caramel and likely to have a few takers among young consumers. In a recent GlobalData poll, over half of Generation Z consumers in the UK said they found non-dairy milk alternatives appealing, according to 2019 Q3 UK Consumer Survey.

“We’re excited to see our much-anticipated Oatly Ice Creams finally hit UK freezers,” said Ishen Paran, general manager at Oatly UK. 

The manufacturer is hoping to satisfy the growing demand for innovative flavours among vegans or those with lactose intolerance.

Oatly is also hoping to bring competition to the vegan ice cream market with its oat-based flavours. Manufacturers are looking to find a balance with the right blend of ingredients and taste to drive consumers to experiment with the non-milk treats.

Other successful ice-cream brands with dairy-free variants include Ben & Jerry’s, Halo Top and So Delicious. 

Although made by using plant-based fully hydrogenated fats instead of unsaturated ones, the manufacturer is clearly not targeting health-conscious consumers given its marketing describes the treats an an “indulgence product”, to be enjoyed at special occasions.

Luckily, with the festive season now bearing down on consumers, Oatly is hoping to make a splash. 

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