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March 25, 2020

Protecting our furry friends during a pandemic

By GlobalData Consumer

While, during this time of self-isolation, people are making many sacrifices in an effort to take care of themselves and their communities, there is one vulnerable group that cannot be ignored – our pets.

The global stockpiling trend is not just related to human food but also to pet food, and this can be stressful for pet owners. This is why many could turn to online ordering.

According to GlobalData’s global consumer survey in 2018, 23% of global consumers say they typically buy products for their pets online. While one-quarter of consumers globally is quite a lot, this number is expected to spike following consumption patterns seen in other categories amid the outbreak.

Brands that show success during this time are those who are agile and, if they weren’t already, are adopting contactless delivery methods. It can also be an opportunity for lesser-known brands or premium brands to shine as consumers will have to be more experimental based on what’s available on the shelves and what comes in their subscription boxes.

Subscription boxes are not just about convenience. They are about personalisation.

According to GlobalData’s global consumer survey, 86% of consumers are always / often / somewhat influenced by how well the product is tailored to their pet’s needs.

Tails.com has seen success in personalised pet food. The dog food subscription service gathers information on your dog and then sends the best formulation to support the animal’s health. The brand understands that pet owners want their pets to live a personalised lifestyle as well.

eCommerce sites such as Amazon continue to sell pet food, but specialised pet food sites such as Chewy, Katkin and Nature’s Menu are all promoting their brand and offering discounted rates to first-time subscribers during this crisis, offering the brands a chance to increase their exposure and create a new, potentially long-lasting consumer base.

For existing subscribers, maintaining consistent delivery is paramount. Personalised pet food delivery brand Bella and Duke have assured customers that they have made all necessary changes to procedure to ensure health and safety and uninterrupted service.

Pet product brands, just like anything we humans might need, understand the importance of providing quality customer service for its customers (humans) and its consumers (furry friends), and with these changing times, they understand that it can be a make or break moment to engage their audience.