The current narrative of modern parenthood implies strengthening fathers’ role and a balanced involvement of both parents in raising a child. This should also apply to celebrating fathers on their special day with personalised gifts. Yet, when it comes to Father’s Day, dedicated confectionery, drinks or snacks are a rare occurrence, raising a question: is Father’s Day one of retail’s greatest missed opportunities?

Father’s Day releases are far outnumbered by the usual amount and variety of Mother’s Day launches. This is despite a potentially high demand, as a quarter of male consumers in the UK show a preference for trendy and unusual flavours in popular gifting categories such as alcohol or confectionery. According to GlobalData’s 2021 Q2 consumer survey, 26% of male consumers in the UK like to experiment with new varieties of chocolate, confectionery and desserts, while 20% display the same attitude in alcoholic drinks*. UK women show similar responses: 29% and 17%, respectively*. So, it’s hard to justify the notably lower number of male-targeted releases. Limited edition, personalised products with unusual, celebration-themed flavours could be appreciated by the target group on Father’s Day.

The assumption that fathers do not appreciate the same experiences as mothers could be another reason behind the lower number of Father’s Day celebration releases. However, figures show that male attitudes towards lifestyle do not significantly differ from females. According to GlobalData’s 2019 Q3 global consumer survey, 93% of UK men have indicated rest and relaxation to be either very important or important to them and 86% said developing or maintaining positive personal relationships is very important or important**. These results match the results of the female group: 92% and 89%, respectively**. Thus, products designed to celebrate family time and to accompany relaxing time could resonate with men just as much as they resonate with women.

Still, some brands have prepared tailored launches designed especially with Father’s Day in mind. A limited-edition Cadbury range features the brand’s classic chocolate re-packaged to cater to dads who are passionate about football. Different UK team logos, such as Manchester United, Liverpool or Aston Villa, deliver a personalised touch. M&S has prepared an updated version of its famous Colin the Caterpillar cake. The half-regular size cake is marketed as a gift suitable for a ‘superhero dad’. Beer connoisseur fathers could be the target audience for Bier’s Company ‘super dad beer box’, with 24 cans of craft beer, a set of snacks, finished up with a pair of consistently themed socks.

Celebrating fathers with personalised and indulgent products could benefit both the business and the consumer. The underwhelming number and variety of Father’s Day launches indicates an existing gap on the market, which will hopefully be recognised and tackled in the future.


*GlobalData’s 2021 Q2 global consumer survey

**GlobalData’s 2019 Q3 global consumer survey