TARA, South Korean Beauty (K-beauty) brand, recently announced its entry into the Singapore market. K-beauty brands have gained immense popularity in Singapore in recent years, with consumers drawn to the innovative blend of technology, natural ingredients and environmental consciousness. K-beauty brands ranked among the most trusted beauty and skincare brands in the country, according to a beauty survey conducted by Daily Vanity in 2020*.

TARA, a marine-inspired skincare brand, claims to provide spa-like treatment for all skin types using its ‘Sea therapy’. The South Korean brand claims to use clean, natural ingredients sourced from the unpolluted deep sea. The company claims that its sea therapy takes a holistic approach that harnesses the healing properties of aquatic ingredients such as algae-8 complexes, Centella Asiatica (Indian pennywort) herbs, magnesium-rich seawater, marine collagen and spirulina. This can appeal to 61% of Singaporean consumers who find algae or seaweed in beauty and grooming products very or somewhat appealing, and 84% who say the same for collagen, according to a recent GlobalData survey^.

The products claim to support natural skin regeneration, brighten skin and visibly reduces wrinkles. The gentle and soothing formulation claims to be suitable for sensitive skin. TARA’s founder, Jin Lee, says that as a person with sensitive skin, she has personally experienced the benefits of marine ingredients. This motivated her to develop the TARA product line, suitable for people with all skin types, particularly sensitive skin.

Incidentally, Singapore is seeing an increase in cases of skin sensitivity causing irritation, inflammation, allergic reactions and even eczema. Some skincare experts have identified beauty products with harsh ingredients, especially anti-ageing and skin whitening products, as the main cause for the increasing cases of sensitive skin.

TARA claims to use sustainably sourced, clean ingredients from the ocean, which can appeal to 80% of consumers from Singapore who find sustainably or ethically sourced ingredients somewhat or very appealing, according to a GlobalData survey^. The same survey revealed that 51% of Singaporean consumers somewhat or completely agree to paying a high amount of attention to the ingredient lists of products^. These consumers may be attracted to the TARA’s purported natural, gentle and high-performance ingredients, which claim to effectively tackle the root cause of skin issues. TARA leverages eco-friendly packaging, keeping in mind consumers’ rising concern about plastic pollution and its impact on the environment. This can appeal to 77% of Singaporean consumers who perceive environmentally friendly packaging materials in products as essential or nice to have^.

TARA’s Sea Therapy Collection was launched in Asia Beauty X (ABX), a Singapore-based beauty e-commerce platform with distribution reach across the Southeast Asia (SEA) region, in line with the company’s plans to expand to SEA countries including Thailand and Vietnam. Initially, TARA debuted products such as BHA Overnight Velvet Peel, Algae Ampoule Sea Therapy Mask and Aqua Peptide Antioxidant Ampoule, and aims to expand the range in the near future.


* C&R Healthcare Global – Asia, January 2021

^ GlobalData 2021 Q2 Consumer Survey – Singapore published in June 2021