Anton Titov has completed the acquisition of an additional 5.99% stake in Obuv Rossii Group.

The latest acquisition increases Anton Titov’s stake in Obuv Rossii from 44% to 50%.

Anton Titov is a shareholding company, while Obuv Rossii Group is a retail shoe store. Both companies are based in Russia.

Casino Group will strengthen its partnership with LyfPayhas after acquiring a 5% stake in Lyf.

Casino Group partnered with LyfPay in 2017 to develop a mobile payment solution for use in Casino supermarkets and Geant hypermarkets in France.

“Casino Group will strengthen its partnership with LyfPayhas after acquiring a 5% stake in Lyf.”

LyfPay is a universal mobile payment solution, while Casino Group is a French mass-retail group.

Joyvio Group has completed the acquisition of a 100% stake in Australis Seafoods SA for $880m.

Based in China, Joyvio Group is a subsidiary of Legend Holdings Co Ltd.

The company is engaged in the production and distribution of high-quality food and beverage products.

Based in Chile, Australis Seafoods is a producer, processor and exporter of trout and salmon. The acquisition is scheduled for completion before April 2019.

AutoCanada Inc will acquire Rose City Ford Sales Limited for an undisclosed sum.

Canada-based AutoCanada Inc is a multi-location automobile dealership with operations spread across North America.

Rose City Ford is a Ford dealership in Ontario, Canada, which owns an 11-vehicle showroom and associated facilities.

The transaction is scheduled for completion in December 2018.