Symphony intends to purchase the remaining 95% equity stake in Climate Technologies.

The acquisition is estimated to be valued between A$40m ($29.5m) and A$44m ($32.4m).

Based in India, Symphony is a manufacturer of air-coolers, while Climate Technologies is a producer of cooling and heating appliances in Australia.

Lazard has been selected as the financial advisor to Symphony for the transaction, which will enable Symphony to expand its global presence and provide an opportunity to reduce business risk due to different weather conditions in India and Australia. has completed the acquisition of a 8.28% stake in 5I5J HOLDING GROUP CO for CNY1.068bn ($164.43m). is an online market while 5I5J is a secondary and rental brokerage firm. Both the companies involved in the transaction are based in China. also intends to explore other investment opportunities by utilising funding from both and other investors and partners.

Staples has completed an acquisition of HiTouch Business Services for an undisclosed sum.

“Thai Union Group has signed an agreement for the acquisition of a 25.1% stake in Thammachart Seafood Retail (TSR).”

Staples is a provider of office solutions, while HiTouch is a dealer of independent and progressive office products. Both the companies involved in the acquisition are based in the US.

The transaction enables Staples to expand its product range and services capabilities.

Kroger has finalised a merger with Home Chef for an initial transactional value of $200m.

The deal enables Kroger to sell Home Chef’s meal kits to customers through its stores and online.

Kroger will also make future earn-out payments of $500m over a five-year period, based on the sales growth of meals kits.

The transaction will increase the availability of the meal kits and fortify the merged entity’s position.

Kroger is a retail firm that operates 2,800 retail stores, while Home Chef delivers three million meals a month.

Thai Union Group has signed an agreement for the acquisition of a 25.1% stake in Thammachart Seafood Retail (TSR) for $1.12m.

Thai Union will use TSR’s creative seafood restaurant concepts and supply its products, under the agreement.

Thai Union is a seafood-based foods producer based in Thailand, while TSR is a professional management services provider to Thai retailers for handling seafood counters.