APW Brands, retailer of consumer electronics and wireless accessories at airports, has selected Iqmetrix, a provider of retail management solutions, to deliver interactive digital experiences to its stores.

The iQmetrix’s xQ Interactive Retail and RQ Retail Management System will be deployed at Philadelphia International Airport is the first in a series of stores to be outfitted with the interactive digital displays.

The retailer has chosen iQmetrix’s end-to-end retail solutions – the RQ4 Retail Management System and XQ Interactive Retail.

RQ4 Retail Management is a complete software solution designed for wireless retailers to manage people, business processes and strategic decision-making, reducing the time and cost spent on coordinating administrative systems and back-office operations.

XQ Interactive Retail is a suite of in-store touchscreen applications that engage, educate and guide customers through the sales process, brings the online shopping experience into the in-store environment.

APW Brands Marketing VP Miguel Mayorca said, "XQ has been an integral part of the success of our two latest concepts: Tech Interaction and Touch Table. We love this software because it helps us bridge the gap between the online and in-store customer experience by simplifying the product research process in a retail environment. XQ brings excitement to the customer in a user-friendly manner."

The newly remodeled Tech Interaction store in Terminal C of the Philadelphia International Airport was reopened on 20 March 2012.

iQmetrix’s new Tech Interaction technology will be deployed at other locations such as :Pittsburgh International, Baltimore, Washington International and Philadelphia International – Terminal B, with four additional stores to be rolled out in the coming months.

iQmetrix CEO Christopher Krywulak said that the company has designed RQ and XQ to provide the intelligent retail management and customer engagement solutions that help retailers like Airport Wireless deliver a enhanced customer experience.

Established in 1997, APW Brands retail electronics stores operate in 21 major metropolitan US airports.