Retail inflation in India rose 9.9% for the month of November 2012 according to the data published by The Ministry Of Statistics And Programme Implementation.

According to the report the inflation rates increased for the third consecutive month with 9.75% to 124.9 base points for the month of October 2012.

Corresponding inflation rates in November for rural area is reported as 9.97% compared to 9.95 in October 2012 while urban inflation surged to 9.69% from 9.46% in the preceding month.

Oils and fats witnessed the biggest sure with an inflation rate of 17.67% to 143.2 base points as against 121.7 for the same period of 2011 followed with sugar that ended the month at 16.97% increased inflation rate.

Inflation rate for clothing and footwear sector was concluded at 11.08% to 134.3 base points in comparison to 120.9 for November 2011.

For non-alcoholic beverages inflation rate reached 10.38% with base point 126.5 against 114.6 for comparative period of last year.

The modest hike was features in condiments and spices segment at 2.43%, year-on-year.

Meanwhile the prominent surge was seen in Pulses and products, vegetables, Food and beverages with 14.19%, 14.74% and 11.81% increase in inflation rates for the month compared to November 2011.

Among the 35 participated states, Meghalaya suffered largest inflation rise with 136.3 base points as against 131.9 for October 2012.

Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan were among the states that faced high inflation surge.