Ascendum Solutions, an Ohio-based global information technology company, showcased its digital retail shopping technology platform, Real-time Offer and Analytics Deployment System (ROADS), at the Retail Business Technology Expo (RTBE) held in London from 11-12 March 2014.

ROADS is a technology platform OEMed, which is developed by Ascendum in collaboration with OpenCommerce.

Both Ascendum and OpenCommerce are members of the Vora Group of technology.

ROADS consist of an entire range of custom options for retailers, who wish to offer their customers with a personalised digital shopping experience.

The platform features an interactive digital signage, mobile apps, Bluetooth-enabled low energy (BLE) beacons, smart kiosks, and Ascendum’s new app developed specifically for Google Glass.

ROADS allow retailers to send individualised offers to consumers’ mobile devices in real-time.

Vora Group chairman Mahendra Vora said RBTE is the perfect platform for them to showcase their innovation, agility, and expertise in developing solutions that drive high multiples for their clients.

Ascendum Solutions president Kris Nair said the event coincides with the expansion of Ascendum in Europe.

"We believe that the next generation of growth in retail will be led by Europe. Ascendum is well positioned to deliver the opportunity for European retailers to leapfrog the traditional technology adoption curve and provide a true omni-channel experience to customers," Nair added.