German auto major Audi is planning an €80m restructuring of its dealer network that will see the opening of three new showrooms and service centers in Ireland by the end of 2012.

The first of the three showrooms, a €6m outlet in Waterford will be opened on 21 September 2012, followed by Audi North Dublin, a €10m facility and a €2m facility in Naas.

Additional outlets in Dublin, Cork and Athlone are also in the works, scheduled to be opened in 2013, reported

The company has sold over 3,400 units in Ireland this year and Audi Ireland managing director Andrew Doyle said the growth demonstrates strong demand for its A6 and A4 models.

Dealers are expected to plough in 85% of the €80m restructuring programme while Audi will invest the remaining 15%.

According to Doyle, the company is positive of achieving a return for both Audi and its dealers.

”Yes, it’s a big investment. We will have eight operators in 11 locations and each has their own sustainable business plan. The numbers stack up and have been stress-tested, Doyle added.

Founded in July 1909, Audi and its subsidiaries design, engineer, develop and sell automobiles and motorcycles under the Audi, Ducati and Lamborghini brands.