Multinational financial services company Mastercard has reported that 98% of Australian consumers look out for local producers, manufacturers for their online purchases.

Faster delivery and price considerations were listed as the top reasons this behavior, in a research commissioned by the financial major.

MasterCard Australia Country Manager Andrew Cartwright remarked that the findings are good news for local retailers with the Christmas season ahead.

"People shop online for so many reasons – the convenience of shopping from your desk, the efficiency of getting it done without the crowds, the seemingly endless range.

"But increasingly, the public is doing their Christmas shopping online because they are seeing very serious cost savings to be had.

"This study shows that consumers want to shop locally, if they can get the same value they get from overseas retailers."

Australian customers give high importance to knowing and trusting a retailer before making a purchase.

"Aussies love a bargain, and should have the freedom to shop around and secure the best deal possible.

"The price obstacle is a difficult one to overcome for local retailers, but competition is the key delivering customer satisfaction to Australians," concluded Cartwright.