UK-based fashion retailer Ted Baker has reported a 15.4% growth in revenue for the first half (H1) ending 13 August 2012, compared to the same period a year earlier.

Retail sales were up by 15.4% in the reported period while average retail square footage rose 12.6%.

Wholesale sales grew 15.4% in the 26-week period, while e-Commerce sales amounted to £6.2m, up by 82.4%.

UK and European retail sales up 7.9% to £74.7m while US retail sales amounted to $25.6m .The licence income rose to 19.2%

During the reporting period, the retailer opened stores in existing markets on the Brompton Road, London, Fifth Avenue, New York and Harbour City, Hong Kong.

In addition, Ted Baker has unveiled its first store in Tokyo, Japan, and first concessions in South Korea and the Netherlands.

Ted Baker CBE, founder and chief executive Ray Kelvin said, "We have delivered good results in a challenging environment whilst making important investments for the long term development of the brand, including opening new stores in Tokyo and on Fifth Avenue, New York.

Founded in 1988, the British retailer operates stores across UK, Europe, US, and Middle East, Asia and Australasia.