Arcadia Group, a UK-based retailing firm, has selected Oracle Retail solutions to optimise its retail operations and develop international business, alongside providing an enhanced shopping experience for its customers.

To support its growth plan, Arcadia will use Oracle Retail Merchandising Operations Management, Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization, and Oracle Commerce applications.

The Oracle Retail applications will allow Arcadia to improve the core merchandising and supply operations at its 2,507 owned stores and 600 international franchised outlets across 36 countries, while ensuring that the customer demands are met.

Additionally, the platform will provide Arcadia with greater access to inventory management and tracking throughout the supply chain to easily determine requirements based on item and location.

Some of the Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization solutions include Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning, Oracle Retail Item Planning and Oracle Retail Assortment Planning and Size Profile Optimization, which can be used to derive best assortment and improve profitability of in-season inventory in each store.

In addition to this, Arcadia will use Oracle Retail Merchandising Analytics to track sales, profit, inventory and supplier performance.

Arcadia also selected Oracle Commerce solutions to provide its consumers with a platform to dynamically explore its brands online and quickly.

Arcadia Group owner Sir Philip Green said their brands are committed to delivering an interactive, exciting and efficient shopping experience to all their customers around the world, no matter which channel they choose to use to visit them, from flagship stores to mobile devices.

"We expect Oracle to help us enhance our merchandising strategies to help ensure that we deliver the best possible customer promise every time," Green added.

Oracle Retail senior vice president and general manager Mike Webster said the investment in Oracle Retail will bring operational efficiencies and enable smarter decisions to drive growth in the highly competitive international fashion world.