UK retailers are pleading with members of the parliament to initiate some urgent and necessary action from to save the British high street traders from further difficulties.

Continued weak sales over the Christmas holiday season and projected sluggish demand are threatening the future of traders in the country leaving the traders in urgent need of help.

Commenting on sad state of affairs for retailers BRC director general Helen Dickinson said that this was the time for MPs to understand the importance of the high street to the economies of local communities.

"The Autumn Statement didn’t include a pledge to freeze business rates next year, but there’s still time for the Government to do the right thing.

"Another steep rise would pose a serious threat to vulnerable town centres and mean fewer jobs, especially for young people," warned Dickinson

Town center shop vacancies have hit an all-time high of 11.3% amidst growing concern on the survival of the British high street that is currently facing the worst crisis in the 2008 recession.

The British Retail Consortium is leading the cry to lawmakers to contain the high street decline and has sought measures such as lowering the costs of doing business in the country.