UK-based global entertainment retail chain HMV has launched a new personalized, web-based in-store service, Myhmv, which promotes retailer’s offers to customers.

Myhmv allows customers can log on using their mobile devices in-store and is specifically designed to make the retailer’s offers more locally tailored, reported RetailWeek.

The retailer will launch the new service in November 2012, once the installation of wi-fi to all stores is completed.

HMV’s Myhmv service launch is part of retailer’s plan to transform itself into a multichannel retailer focused on technology.

HMV marketing and multichannel director Mark Hodgkinson was quoted by the website as saying that the retailer particularly aims to start a relationship with those consumers that visit its stores but don’t spend.

"We know that a percentage of them buy from us, but there’s a big opportunity for us to find out what the others that don’t buy do in our stores," Hodgkinson said.

"We’re adapting HMV to fit the needs of our customers and making it relevant locally."

Myhmv service allows shoppers to learn about offers, products and events related to that shop and users will be able to go to the music section of the store and stream music to their phones using in-store wifi.

The retailer is also looking to enable shoppers to watch movie trailers besides employing Myhmv as a loyalty scheme, allowing customers to earn points and pay through it.

HMV’s existing loyalty scheme, Pure, will be migrated to Myhmv.

In a move to fulfill customers’ entertainment needs, HMV is in talks with undisclosed movie and music streaming services such as Spotify and broadcasters, such as Sky.