British retailers can face possible fines for unfair treatment of consumers if lawmakers pass the proposed amendments to the Groceries Code Adjudicator Bill.

The British government is considering penalties to ensure a greater level of accountability amongst food retailers and supermarkets.

The retail watchdog, in addition to imposing fines, will also have powers to make suggestions and ‘name and shame’ companies that fail to comply with regulations.

Explaining the proposed measures Competition Minister Jo Swinson said that the proposed penalties well create a more fair playing ground.

"We expect fines to be used as a last resort, but the fact that the adjudicator has the power to impose them will send a strong message to retailers that compliance with the code is not optional," Swinson added.

Retailers thus far have escaped fines as punishments but if British Lawmakers give in their nod, financial penalty could be imposed in the near future.

British Retail Consortium led a chorus of retailers in opposing the move.

The proposals could make UK a less favorable place for businesses, said retailers.

British Retail Consortium Director General Stephen Robertson added, "The Code already has a provision for ‘naming and shaming’ retailers – that’s a significant sanction and a much fairer system which would deliver better for suppliers, retailers and consumers."