Canadian retail sales have registered an increase of 1.9% to $40.4bn in May 2013, representing the highest growth since March 2010, according to Statistics Canada.

The positive growth after comparatively flat sales over the last two months was attributable to higher sales in 9 of 11 subsectors, accounting for a total of 94% of total retail trade.

In terms of volume, the retail sales registered 1.9% increase for third consecutive month.

Among the subsectors, motor vehicle and parts dealer category witnessed largest sales increase of 4.3%.

Sales at new car dealers were up 3.3% for the fifth consecutive month.

The 13.1% surge in sales of motor vehicle dealers more than offset the decline in the previous month, the report revealed.

Following two consecutive drops in March and April, supermarkets and other grocery store sales increased marginally by 0.7%, while food and beverage stores registered 1.1% increase.

Geographically, every province of Canada has recorded positive sales growth with Quebec reporting highest sales increase of 3.1%, which has more than compensated the drop in last two months.

In Alberta, the 1.6% sales growth can be attributed to high sales at new car dealers and gas stations.

On the other hand, new car dealers, beer, wine and liquor stores have led the 1.8% growth in Ontario.

Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have registered sales growth of 5%, 1.4% and 0.7%, respectively.