British independent mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse (CPW) has launched its new mobile payment service ‘SimplyTap’ that allows customers to make purchases over their phones.

The new mobile payment service is based on the SimplyTap application developed by the Mobile Money Network (MMN).

After registering their payment details, users can purchase goods using alphanumeric codes, QR codes and image recognition, as well as online transactions from an in-app marketplace.

SimplyTap also works with retailers HMV, Thorntons, Pretty Green, Daily Mail Shop and Universal Music.

Carphone’s SimplyTap mobile checkout technology went live with several UK retailers late last year.

Carphone Warehouse CEO Andrew Harrison cited Ofcom statistics which showed 21% of smartphone owners already use barcode scanning apps on their handsets and 31% of users have used their phones to photograph a product they are keen to purchase.

"Forward thinking retailers are already capitalising on this by installing Wi-Fi networks and launching specific apps," Harrison added.

The company believes that an estimated 3.5 million Carphone Warehouse customers will get a personal introduction to mobile payments from this month as staff at 800 stores help customers to install and register SimplyTap.

Carphone Warehouse, a 50% subsidiary of Best Buy, operates over 1,700 stores across Europe.

Mobile Money Network develops mobile services that bring together a network of retailers, advertisers, banks and media owners to provide consumers with a easy way to discover and buy goods and services using their mobile phone.