Chinese retail sales of consumer goods grew 13.2% in August 2012 when compared to the corresponding month a year ago, according to the data released by National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBS).

Retail sales of consumer goods of industrial enterprises stood at CNY814.9bn ($128,816m) increasing 13.1% while on an year-on-year basis, the total retail sales of consumer goods rose 14.1% to CNY13,119.5bn ($2.1bn).

In urban areas, the retail sales of consumer goods stood at CNY1, 448.2bn ($228,92m) in August, up by 13.1%, year-on-year while sales in rural areas amounted to CNY217.7bn ($34,413m), up by 14.3%.

In terms of different consumption patterns, the catering services sales climbed 13.1% y-o-y to CNY193.6bn ($30,603m).

The retail sales of goods gained CNY1,472.3bn ($232,73m), up by 13.3%, year-on-year, of which, the amount of enterprises (units) above designated size was CNY748.6bn ($118,33m), up by 13.2%, year-on-year.

Sales of furniture surged 25.8% to CNY128m ($20.23m) while petroleum and related products increased 13.2% to CNY1404m ($221.93m)

Garments and Footwear, Hats, Knitwear sales moved up 21.1% to CNY669m ($105.75m) whereas gold, silver and jewellery sales moved 14.9% to CNY179m ($28.29m).

The household appliances and AV equipment sales climbed 12.1% to CNY467m ($73.82m).