Christmas shopping in the UK is picking up rather slowly as retail footfalls increased 2.3% for the week ending 3 December 2012 but fell in comparison to year-on-year figures.

According to data published by the BRC-Springboard Footfall monitor, year-on-year the footfall numbers fell by 1.7% with shopping centers being the biggest losers with a 4.9% decline.

Commenting on the figures BRC director general Stephen Robertson opined that there could be a number of factors influencing fewer shoppers to make purchases when compared to the previous year.

Falling income levels, weather and greater indoor shopping have been enumerated as some of the options for the year-on-year fall in footfalls.

"The good news is footfall edged up by 2.3 per cent last week compared with the previous week.

Though the increase is a baby step rather than a big leap, it at least demonstrates that momentum is building slowly but surely as we get into the final fortnight before Christmas," added Robertson.

Shopping center footfalls, though down year-on-year, registered 3.6% growth compared to the previous week in November.

Springboard research director Diane Wehrle opined, "Shopping Centres have seen a greater increase in footfall this week than RetailParks and the High Street, which is to be expected as customers tend to gravitate towards the certainty they offer for Christmas shopping in terms of their greater breadth and depth together with weather protection."