Sales and marketing services provider Crossmark has launched a new self-service data portal that delivers real-time business insights to manufacturers and retailers in the consumer goods industry.

The data portal employs Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 business intelligence tools to provide sales and marketing channels with quick access to real-time market data.

This in turn is expected to allow quicker analysis and informed decision making for retailers on their growth strategies.

Commenting on the developments Crossmark executive vice president and chief information officer Jim Norred said the newly laucnhed portal will give their clients tremendous opportunities to leverage shopper insights into their strategic planning and tactical operations.

"By extending our current SQL Server 2012 business intelligence implementation to include SQL Server PDW, we’ve enhanced our self-service data portal to accommodate these large data sets, as well as daily point-of-sale data, which provides on-demand results from our clients’ sales and marketing efforts.

"Using that data, they’re able to quickly adjust any number of variable factors associated with their sales strategy, such as pricing, promotion or placement, which can dramatically boost sales and profitability," added Norred.

The company currently supports 550,000 retail outlets in five countries