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Finnish firm Digital Foodie has launched a new tablet based shopkeeper tools for running e-Commerce operations in a modern way.

The new tools are part of Foodie.fm, a fully personalised social shopping platform for groceries designed by Digital Foodie.

Foodie.fm Product Suite, which is introduced at LeWeb London this week, offers everything needed to run personalised online services for groceries.

The firm said its new tools help retailers to move away from printouts and spreadsheets, and improve the quality of operations.

Pickers can now access a dedicated view for orders from their iPads and also modify the order in real-time, if needed.

In addition, drivers can communicate both with the customers and the store staff directly through Foodie on their iPads.

Digital Foodie chief executive officer Kalle Koutajoki said retail industry is undergoing a major transformation and consumers demand transparency and personalisation like never before.

"The results we’ve achieved with S Group show that answering these needs clearly improves sales," Koutajoki added.

"We increased S Group’s online sales by 15% when transforming operations from traditional store to Foodie powered online store."

The core of Product Suite is the multichannel storefront built around Foodie’s recommendation engine.

For assisted buying, the suite includes consumer facing service modules for personalised and social recipe recommendations.

In addition, Foodie’s suite includes store based feedback and rating module that increases the transparency of retailer operations.

S Group Grocery Chain Management director Ilkka Alarotu said that in order to serve its customers in an optimal and most transparent way, the company also needs to utilise the latest technology.

"With Foodie’s technology and IPAD based shopkeeper tools we can now react to changing customer needs much faster while improving the quality of our delivery operations," Alarotu added.

Foodie.fm, a multiplatform service, is currently available on the web, Facebook, iPad, iPhone, Android and Nokia platforms.

Image: Foodie.fm Product Suite offers everything needed to run personalised online services for groceries. Photo: Foodie.fm