Domino’s International, an American restaurant chain and international franchise pizza delivery firm, will have more stores in India than any other international market, and will soon surpass the UK store numbers.

Domino’s executive vice president Richard Allison was quoted by The Economic Times as saying that before December 2014, they expect India to overtake the UK in terms of store count.

The expectations were based on the company’s plans to expand its business in the country despite fall in sales at same-stores.

At present, there are 700 Domino’s stores in India, behind UK’s 770.

In India, the company plans to open ten stores every month to boost market share.

Allison said some of the most significant gains in market share are made when the economy is not looking so good.

"We are investing when many others are holding back, accelerating store openings, supply chain investments and doubling training budgets, so that when the market does rebound, we are in better shape than our competitors. We are looking at the slowdown as an offensive growth opportunity to catalyse consumption," Allison added.

The company noted that they are not reducing costs on advertising or training, but feels that the only way to grow profitability is by increasing the number of transactions per store.