Online retailer eBay has revamped its UK website by adding a new eBay Collections feature that allows shoppers to create their own collection of items and share with others.

The move follows its successful initial launch in the US in late 2013.

At eBay Collections, customers can hand-pick items from the site and display them by theme or groups.

Customers can also follow other people including expert curators, buyers and sellers from across the community to get inspiration from their collections.

eBay UK senior marketing director Sarah Calcott said the new features represented the biggest suite of changes that have been introduced in the UK and aim to provide more control to users to alter their own personal service.

"The way we shop is changing. Shoppers are in the driving seat like never before and rightly expect an experience that’s fun and functional," Calcott added.

"That’s what eBay Collections is all about: the fun of browsing and discovery, that’s instantly shoppable. These new features are part of the biggest suite of changes we’ve introduced to eBay in the UK and they’re designed to help shoppers follow their passions."

Additionally, eBay also launched a new homepage, which features items selected by eBay’s own curation team, to help users in their shopping needs.

The idea to come up with Collections feature was taken from pinboard-style photo-sharing site, Pinterest, which allows users to create and manage collections of images based on themes.