Estonia’s retail sales moved up 7% in June at constant prices, compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, according to the data released by Statistics Estonia .

The statistics agency said since March 2012, retail sales have grown steadily by 6% to 8% year-on-year and the same continued in June.

In the reporting month, the retail sales of goods of retail trade enterprises were €384.8m.

Year-over-year, sales increased in all economic activities.

Biggest annual growth was recorded in pharmacies and cosmetics stores, wherein sales jumped 17% in June from a year ago.

Retail sales on an annual basis, in stores selling manufactured goods grew 9% in June, and the growth in these stores was continually influenced by the lower reference base of the previous year.

Stores selling predominantly industrial goods saw a solid growth of 16%, while sales via mail order or the internet rose 15% in the month.

During same period, sales of other specialized stores, such as stores selling computers and their accessories, photography supplies, books, sports equipment, games and toys, flowers and plants grew 9%.

Year-on-year, grocery stores sales increased 6% in June, but compared with the two previous months the growth decelerated a little, influenced by the high reference base of June 2011.

Retail sales in June increased 3% at constant prices, when compared to the previous month. Seasonally and working-day adjusted retail sales rose 1% in the month.

During the January-June 2012 period, retail sales were up by 9% at constant prices, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

In June, the revenues from sales of retail trade enterprises totaled €484.9m, with the retail sales of goods accounting for about 80%.