The volume of retail trade in the euro area (EA17) and European Union (EU27) declined by 0.5% and 0.3% respectively in June 2013 compared to the figures in May 2013, according to estimates from Eurostat.

According to the statistical office of the EU, retail sales index fell by 0.9% in the EA17 and grew marginally by 0.1% in the EU27 during the reporting month.

Month-on-month, food, drinks and tobacco decreased by 0.6% in both zones, while non-food sector dropped by 0.2% in the euro area and remained stable in the EU27.

Among the member states, total retail trade fell in 11, remained stable in Bulgaria and rose in ten.

Sales in Estonia, Hungary, Austria and Germany slumped by 3.3%, 1.9%, 1.7%,and 1.5% respectively.

Malta with 1.8%, Luxembourg at 1.3% and Denmark with 1.2% reported highest sales increase month-on-month basis.

Year-on-year, food, drinks and tobacco declined by 1.6% in the euro area and by 1.2% in the EU27.

The non-food sector witnessed 0.2% drop in the euro area and 1.2% rise in the EU27.

Total retail trade fell in seven and rose in 15 member states year-on-year.

Spain, Slovenia and Romania reported largest decreases in retail sales of 6.9%, 3.6% and 3.1% respectively

Highest increases in retail sales were observed in Luxembourg Lithuania and Poland.