Hangzhou Wahaha Group, a beverage company based in China, is preparing to expand its retail business by opening 100 shopping malls and department stores over the next three to five years.

The company is looking to expand its luxury complex brand WAOW Plaza which was launched in November 2012 in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Wahaha is currently engaged in talks with foreign luxury brands and expects to have partnerships with a total of 300 labels by 2013-end.

Currently, the company has collaborations with nearly 100 boutique brands from France, Italy, Spain, the UK and Germany.

Hangzhou Wahaha Group founder and chairman Zong Qinghou told english.eastday.com that the company is confident of growing big in retail sector and hopes the retail turnover to surpass company’s beverage business.

"There’s an increasing demand from Chinese customers for international boutique brands. We will introduce more foreign boutique brands to the Chinese market," said Zong.

"Meanwhile, we are preparing to discuss cooperation opportunities with Raffles from Singapore and Allanzia from the UK."

Hangzhou Wahaha stated that the new outlets will be launched across all the level of cities, depending on the model of the malls.

Zong claimed the company has many advantages such as 70 national production bases that can be used as delivery points, 10,000 distributors and more than 10,000 sales employees across the nation to drive its retail business.