Manufacturer of crash helmets Steelbird Hi-Tech India (SBHT) plans to open 200 retail outlets in India in over the next one year.

The proposed outlets will be unveiled under the ‘Steelbird Riderz Shop’ brand and the first of which will come up in Delhi.

The Riderz Shop will be a one stop shop for bikers featuring a range of helmets, jackets and suits, gloves, goggles and pannier boxes in store.

Steelbird Managing Director Rajeev Kapur told The Economic Times that the company intends to set up its own franchises to showcase all its products.

"The first 10 stores will come up in Delhi. In next few months more would be opened in cities like Mumbai, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Lucknow," Kapur said.

"We produce 39 kinds of helmets and a wide range of other products."

The company has two plants that manufacture helmets and side boxes and is looking to set up another plant in Noida by 2014.

"We are looking at nearly doubling our revenues at Rs 100 crore in the current year."

Founded in 1964, SBHT is the manufacturer of Helmets, Pannier Boxes and Auto Accessories in India; its helmets come in a wide variety – Open Face and Full Face motorcycle helmets like Safety Helmets, Ski Helmets, Grand Prix racing Helmets, Jet Helmets, Off Road Helmets, Moto Cross Helmets etc in different sizes catering to all customer segments

The company features 13 Pannier Box models, each having on an average 3 to 9 colour variations.