Flipkart, an India-based online retailer, has introduced search by voice feature to its search bar for customers to drive more sales.

This new feature, which is based on HTML speech input API, will enable online customers to search products such as gadgets, authors, books and etc., rather than typing and searching for the name.

Online users can use this feature only with Google Chrome browser in desktop version while other browsers, including Chrome mobile browser, do not support this feature.

Flipkart products vice president Saranagati Chatterjee said, "Our goal is to strengthen and improve the overall search capabilities by providing users with multiple options – be it text or voice. This feature will be even more useful on mobile devices. The current version of voice search will also help us gather a lot of data in terms of usage, user’s preference and its overall accuracy – which in turn will be used to make enhancements to improve the overall experience."

Customers has to click on the mic option at search bar for using this feature and users who do not know correct spelling of any product or gadget can get good results from this new feature.

Following voice search one has to press or click on the enter for further proceeding, as the feature is not completly voice-based.

Flipkart has recently added new features by unveiling eBooks application on iOS, and Windows Phone.

The e-Commerce retailer also launched a notification feature on its website, where in registered users of the site will receive related and interesting information about products on which users shown interest.