US-based software solutions provider Innovaro, in joint venture with 23Forty Design and Consulting, has unveiled a retail software product – LiSN.

A retail version of Innovaro’s enterprise software ‘Listen’, LiSN will help retailers to monitor customer sentiment on social media websites.

Innovaro chairman and CEO Asa Lanum said that both Listen and its retail version LiSN have the ability to tap the information value hidden within social media sites.

"The conversations businesses most want to hear are those where customers share their loves and hates, their delights and frustrations. This deep customer empathy is what drives successful businesses. LiSN will deliver this ability to a much wider and previously unserved market," he added.

23Forty Design and Consulting CEO and founder Curt Melone said, "This ability to harness social media is revolutionary and we had to be a part of it."

Using semantic bots and a natural language processor, LiSN will monitor social media and other web sites.

Response collected by using the software is measured and ranked, both positively and negatively, and the product ‘learns’ through use how customers feel.

LiSN will enable small businesses to capture, measure, and correlate what customers are actually saying about their experiences with companies and products.