British retailers may lose £1.04bn per year because of long queues at the check-out, according to a new survey by UK-based digital communications firm, Everything Everywhere (EE).

The online survey, which was conducted by Vision Critical on 2,000 UK consumers in March 2014, found that 73% of shoppers will quit purchases if they have to wait for more than five minutes.

To tackle such challenges, EE has developed a new managed service, Connected Retail, which uses mobile connectivity in-store to improve the customer experience and help retailers open new revenue streams.

With Connected Retail, retailers can grow their relationship with customers by understanding their customers’ shopping behaviours and then sending personalised offers and promotions to their mobile phones when they are in-store.

The real-time data analytics combined with heat mapping technology can be used to predict queues at the check-out before customers arrive and thus manage it in advance.

The heat mapping technology also helps retailers plan and update store layout to optimise traffic flow through the store.

EE corporate business director Max Taylor said, "By 2016, 80% of consumers will be using mobile to make informed buying decisions. As they find, compare, share and buy, retailers have the opportunity to exploit digital channels and create a far more engaging in-store experience."

EE has already started working with the British supermarket chain Asda to use Connected Retail technology at Asda’s 575 stores across the country.