UK arm of the fast food restaurant McDonalds revealed that the company spent £300m over the past five years to change the design and feel of its restaurants in the country.

In an interview with The Telegraph, McDonald’s UK chief executive Jill McDonalds said that company was confident of growing its business despite the difficult economic scenario where rivals have been forced to discount as a result of continued austerity measures and higher inflation.

"McDonald’s for everyone is a genuine part of who we are. We’re not a snobby place to eat, we’re very welcoming. Whether you’ve got a quid in your pocket or you want to feed a family of four for £15. That ‘democracy’ of the brand is at the heart of what I want to do to continue to grow," explained McDonalds.

The chain is keen to further expand its presence in the market and has outlined a plan to unveil 20 new outlets by the end of 2013; with majority of the outlets located outside of London.

McDonalds explained that the company was confident of the UK high street but urged local authorities to extend further help.

"Having a high street that’s as familiar to you at night as it is in the day, that’s important," said McDonalds while adding that the company’s performance consistently outstripped footfall.

McDonalds also pitched in for the quality initiatives of the chain, wherein the chain claims to have taken a pro-active approach to nutrition in food it serves.

"I don’t think our customers have noticed, but in our Happy Meals there’s half the salt there was back in 2000. And last year, for example, we reduced the saturated fat in milkshakes by a third," explained McDonalds.

The chain currently operates 1,208 outlets in the UK, with 65% of the outlets being franchisee owned, the figure is a marked improvement over 45% franchisee owned stores five years ago.