The all-stock merger deal, valued at about $1.2bn, was approved by the Board of Directors of both companies in February this year in a move to create a global office solutions company.

FTC, after conducting a through review for more than seven months, noted that the deal will not lessen competition, reports Wall Street Journal.

The deal is expected to be cleared, with the companies not being required to make any divestitures.

As per the agreed terms, OfficeMax shareholders will receive 2.69 Office Depot common shares for each share of OfficeMax common stock to complete the merger.

Both entities will have equal representation and governance rights in the new entity.

Office Depot operates more than 1,629 stores worldwide. The company’s business operations are spread across over 57 countries throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia apart from its primary operations in the US.

It offers a comprehensive range of general office supplies, computer supplies, office furniture, business machines and related supplies under various labels, including Office Depot, Foray, ATIVA and Viking Office Products.