E-commerce payment company PayPal has launched new in-store payment called ‘PayPal Here API’ in Australia that would allow retail customers to make payments without cash or a credit card.

The new PayPal Here API application will be introduced into Australian shopping centers and retail stores for the first time following a successful launch in the US in 2011.

The application is launched in collaboration with point of sale technology companies and will allow point of sale (POS) software providers in Australia to integrate PayPal payments in to current and future systems.

New API payment option will allows customers to check into the store they are visiting by opening the PayPal mobile app, place orders and pay using their PayPal account.

Customer’s profiles such as name and photo ID meanwhile will be displayed at the retailer’s end through point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

PayPal believes the technology will benefit retailers, providing businesses with information about checked in customers, in order to engage with buyers on a more personal level and, in turn, drive sales.

Speaking about the launch, PayPal Australia vice president Jeff Clementz said it’s a new way for consumers to access their digital wallets and POS and transform the engagement model between consumers and merchants.

"For merchants it means changing the flow in the store and building that interaction with their customers," Clementz added.

"We think we can transform not only the consumer experience by saving time and provide rewards and loyalty but also have consumers feeling more known."