Australian retail trade turnover for the month of November 2012 was slightly down 0.1% to $21.533bn when compared to the previous month of October, revealed the statistics bureau (ABS).

The seasonally adjusted and month-on-month figures for October had totaled $21.534bn – a month that witnessed a no growth, no fall at 0.0%.

Fall in the turnover was primarily attributed to household goods retailing that suffered a 0.9% decline with clothing, footwear and personal accessory retailing falling by 0.6%; department stores sales for the month were also down at 0.4% negative growth, contributing to the overall decline.

The figures were partially offset by positive returns from cafes, restaurants and takeaway food services that bolstered trade by 0.3% and the other retailing category, up 1%.

Food retailing for the month remained flat, recording at 0.0% change.

Sales turnovers in Victoria, Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory witnessed a positive turn with each region growing 0.3%, 0.1% and 1% respectively.

New South Wales at 0.3% decline, South Australia at 0.6% and Western Australia at 0.3% added to the falling retail turnover in the country.

Over a longer term the state of Western Australia remains the strongest performing state in retail trade terms with a 0.6% increase in trend terms.