Rona, a home improvement retailer based in Canada, has signed an agreement to sell its Commercial and Professional Market division to Talisker Plumbing for C$215m ($208m).

Talisker Plumbing is a subsidiary of Emco.

The division sells plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems under the different brand names such as Noble, Don Park, MPH Supplies, Boutique Eaudace and Boutique Plomberie Decoration 25.

EMCO president Rick Fantham stated that the company would operate the division’s outlets under the same brand names and with same management.

"As well, customers will continue to receive the excellent quality of service they have come to expect," added Fantham.

"We are committed to valuing and reinforcing the service culture so evident across the division while providing our new teammates with opportunities to develop themselves and their business."

Rona said that the divestment is a part of its strategy to boost the growth of retail and distribution network.

Rona executive vice president and CFO Dominique Boies said: "Since 2007, we’ve been working with a group of skilled and dedicated employees who have helped build this business. After all these years, we know we can count on them for their continued support in this transition."