Travel accessories company Samsonite International has acquired the Amercian luggage brand, Hartmann to expand its presence in the global luxury luggage market.

The company is looking to reinvigorate the Hartmann brand to generate growth by expanding global distribution, launching flagship retail stores across the globe, enhancing the brand presentation and revitalizing the product offering.

Samsonite chairman and chief executive officer Tim Parker said the Hartmann brand is an important addition to its portfolio and it also gives them the ability to successfully expand its presence in the global luxury luggage sector.

"With Samsonite’s resources, depth of experience, and distribution capability, we can strengthen Hartmann’s business and introduce the brand to new markets in Asia and Europe, and millions of new customers worldwide," Parker added.

Samsonite Middle East, East Africa & SAARC vice president Jai Krishnan noted that Hartmann acquistion is an important development for its company in the Middle East, as it gives them the opportunity to further boost its company’s market leadership and presence in the luxury luggage sector.

"The Middle East region continues to play a crucial role in the growth of the global luxury industry and is a significant contributor of business for a wide range of luxury goods," Krishnan added.

As of 30 June 2012, Samsonite had over 5,900 total points of sale in Asia.

Founded in 1877, Hartmann sells a wide range of luggage, business cases, tote bags and leather accessories and is currently offered through multiple channels in US, including retailers, corporate clients, Hartmann retail stores and the company’s website.