The federal government of Scotland has prohibited large shops from exhibiting tobacco products as part of its health improvement measures to prevent young people from taking up smoking.

In addition, the authorities have ordered large retailers to shun the sales from self-service tobacco vending machines as per the new regulations.

The move is said to be in line with Scotland’s Tobacco Control Strategy program launched in March 2013 to reduce the number of people choosing to smoke.

As per the Scotland’s Tobacco and Primary Medical Services Act 2010, the tobacco products selling places are prohibited from displaying tobacco products and smoking related products.

Commenting on the new regulations, Minister for Public Health Michael Matheson said that the ban on open display of tobacco in shops and sale of tobacco from automatic vending machines was implemented after defending a series of legal challenges.

"It is well known that smoking is associated with a range of illness and is the primary preventable cause of ill health and premature death. Each year, tobacco use is associated with over 13,000 deaths and 56,000 hospital admissions in Scotland," noted Matheson.

"The display bans will therefore play a crucial role in reducing the number of young people that choose to smoke.

"The new legislation has the support of several major health charities and lobbying organisations across Scotland," remarked Matheson.

The ban will be extended to the smaller retailers on 6 April 2015.