Simba Toys India, a national retail unit of German company Simba Dickie Group, is planning nearly 80 store openings in the country by the end of 2014.

The expansion strategy forms part of the company’s plan to have a total of 100 stores from its current store count of 18 outlets, including a recently opened store at Mumbai domestic airport.

Of the proposed stores, nearly 40-45 stores are expected to be unveiled by the end of this year, according to PTI.

Simba Toys India business head Shree Narayan Sabharwal told the publication that the company is hopeful of domestic market growth and it is bullish on the expansion opportunities in the country.

"The domestic toy market is still under-penetrated. A large part of it is still unorganised and we are looking at a larger play here. In a limited time we have gained significant presence and we will scale it up further," Sabharwal added.

The toy retailer, meanwhile, is keen to open the stores across tier I and tier II cities, along with a few on high street and rental-permitted airports.

Simba offers products, including board games and plush toys through third-party retailers such as Hamleys and Landmark.

The company’s brands include Majorette, Steffi and Squap and the toy retailer introduces new products every month.

"We are looking at introducing newer and interesting concepts here. We will launch a plush toy inspired by Talking Tom app next month," Sabharwal revealed.