Bestseller, IC Companys, DK Company, PWT Group, COOP Denmark and Danish Supermarket have agreed to sign the new International Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

The accord commits the signatories for a period of five years.

Until now more than 50 companies have signed the accord, exluding the Danish retailers.

The Danish retailers are committed to the goal of a safe and sustainable Bangladeshi Ready-Made Garment (RMG) industry in the wake of the Rana Plaza factory collapse that claimed 1,129 lives.

Brokered by IndustriALL and UNI Global Union in a strong alliance with NGOs, the Clean Clothes Campaign and the Workers Right Consortium, the accord now covers around 2000 of Bangladesh’s 4000 garment factories.

Denmark Minister for Trade and Investment Pia Olsen Dyhr said: "Companies, unions, organizations, consumers as well as we politicians all share a responsibility to ensuring better working conditions in the garment industry. This challenge is now being addressed to the benefit of garment workers in Bangladesh."

UNI Global Union General Secretary Philip Jennings noted: "We welcome the decision by these six "Great Dane" retailers to sign the agreement. This is another important day for the Accord which continues to grow in scope. The retail sector is answering the call for a socially responsible supply chain."