Swirl In-Store mobile marketing platform is claimed to be the first to enable large-scale retailers to create and deliver personalized content and offers to shoppers based on their specific locations within physical retail stores.

Through this end-to-end solution, retailers can manage effective campaigns that communicate with their customers through their mobile devices anywhere from the neighborhood level, to a particular area of the store.

It combines the appeal of personalized e-commerce with indoor location-based marketing, helping retailers increase foot traffic, customer engagement and store sales.

Timberland retail and e-commerce vice president Ryan Shadrin said customers appreciate receiving personalized mobile offers in-store, and is a good way for the company to connect with today’s increasingly digital consumer.

"Based on what we’ve seen thus far, we’re hoping to expand use of the Swirl in-store marketing technology to other Timberland locations in 2014," Shadrin added.

Swirl platform comprises Swirl SecureCast Beacons, Swirl Mobile Client Software Development Kit (SDK), and Swirl Marketing Console.

It combines micro-location targeting with any retailer’s app to deliver relevant messages, content and offers to consumers while they shop.

Powered by Bluetooth Low Energy positioning beacons, Swirl can pinpoint a shopper’s precise location within a store, in real time and deliver highly relevant messages, content and offers.