Tyco Retail Solutions, a global provider of retail performance and security solutions, has introduced the TrueVUE Integrated Store Performance Platform for retailers.

The new TrueVUE Integrated Store Performance Platform will combine the company’s existing store performance and security solutions to deliver real time information to retailers and allow them to make fully informed tactical and strategic business decisions.

The integrated software platform will capture, interpret, report and intelligently respond to real time operational data from stores, employees, inventory and shoppers to optimise retail operations and enhance the customer experience.

Further, the integrated platform will also help retailers to optimise inventory, improve conversion rates and assortment strategies, minimise shrink, drive employee productivity and enhance overall store performance.

PPR chief executive officer and chairman François-Henri Pinault the TrueVUE Integrated Store Performance Platform is a complementary solution to ERP and POS solutions.

"The TrueVUE Integrated Store Performance Platform represents an important evolution in ADT‘s retail portfolio and demonstrates our commitment to providing retailers with unprecedented insights at store and enterprise level that can help them to improve their store operations in today’s changing retail world," Pinault added.

TrueVUE platform can easily integrate a wide variety of sensor devices and technologies from both Tyco and certified third parties in one modular software package that includes graphical remote device management and ‘cross sensor’ data analysis.

TrueVUE Integrated Store solution also offers retailers a scalable and comprehensive integrated solution that addresses their most significant business concerns while supporting the basics of attracting, serving and retaining customers, Pinault noted.

Tyco Retail Solutions, a unit of Tyco International, is a global provider of integrated retail performance and security solutions.

The Tyco Retail Solutions portfolio for retailers is sold through ADT Security Services and certified business partners around the world.