A research by the Royal Mail postal service has predicted that online sales in UK will further boom in 2013 while brick and mortar retailers will continue to face tough times.

The e-commerce market had witnessed a significant growth during 2012 with an year-on-year increase of 86% to 107 million visits on Christmas Day, reported The Telegraph.

Results of the poll reveal that 64% of the small and medium-sized e-retailers are expecting an increase of revenues in 2013.

Commenting on the report, Royal Mail Parcels managing director Nick Landon remarked that online retailers are keen on expanding their online market amidst the growing competition.

Leveraging the escalating number of digital shoppers, virtual retailers had previously launched an early post-Christmas sales on their websites.

The sale resulted in profitable returns and scored well over the physical-store sales during the Christmas shopping season.

Contrary to the online arena brick-and-mortar stores are suffering huge losses since the financial breakdown of 2008.

The trend of physical-store closures continued in 2012 with 52 chains comprising almost 4,000 individual shops declaring bankcruptcy in the year.