The UK retail sales value increased 3.2% in February 2012, compared to the same month a year earlier, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Retail sales volumes, which rose 1% year-on-year in February, were driven by non-store retailing predominantly in food stores and non-specialised stores.

In February 2012, the proportion of retail sales made via Internet is estimated to have been 10.7% of all retail sales excluding fuel.

Food stores sales volumes were up 1% in February from a year ago, while food stores sales value increased 5%, compared with February 2011.

Food store sector, wherein an estimated £10.6bn was spent, was the main driver behind the rise in store price inflation for all retailing which now stands at 2.4%.

Non-food stores sales volumes in February 2012 were unchanged from the same month last year, while sales value increased just 0.1%.

In February, non-specialised stores sector, wherein an estimated £1.7bn was spent, recorded a 2.9% increase in sales volumes and 2% rise in sales value.

Year-on-year in February, textile, clothing and footwear stores sales volumes declined 0.4% and sales values increased 1.8%.

An estimated £2.6bn was spent in textile, clothing and footwear store sector in February 2012.

Household goods stores sales volumes decreased 0.1% and sales value fell 1.3% in February, compared to the same period a year ago.

Other stores sales volumes were down 1.3% and sales value declined 1.8% in February over the same period last year.

Non-store retailing sales volumes jumped 9.2% and sales values climbed 8.6% in February, the slowest growth since November 2010.

Automotive fuel stores sales volumes grew 1.1% in the year to February 2012 and sales values increased 6.2%.

Month-on-month, sales volume declined 0.8% and sales value decreased 0.4% in February.