Iconeme, a UK-based new technology and design company, has launched VMBeacon, a new tool that allows store mannequins to send latest information about the clothes on display to shoppers.

The beacon technology enables retailers to communicate with customers through their smartphones, while they browse items on display in shop windows and in store.

Installed at each mannequin or visual merchandising product, the VMBeacon device transmits information that has been pre-programmed by the retailer through a secure web-portal.

When customers with an enabled smartphone app move within VMBeacon’s 100m range, they receive an automatic alert with product’s price details, links to purchase, photos and descriptions.

Additionally, customers can save them for later to share with friends and access additional offers and rewards.

The VMBeacon operates 24 hours a day, allowing retailers to send information even when the outlet is closed.

Iconeme co-founder Jonathan Berlin said a recent Google report revealed that 84% of smartphone shoppers use their devices to help them browse while in a store.

"The technology we have developed aims to tap into this trend and offers real value to both retailers and consumers. The Internet of Things and beacon technology has been gaining momentum over the last few years but we are yet to see its practical and widespread use in retail outlets," Berlin added.

"Installing this technology in mannequins ensures it occupies a prime location and an ideal focus-point for shoppers, whether they are in the store itself or just passing by the window."

The company is further planning to make the Iconeme app downloadable for both iOS and Android devices.